Monday, June 27, 2016

Wisconsin Badger Camp Receives Grant from the Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund

Wisconsin Badger Camp has received a $5,550 grant from the Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund.  This grant will go towards the Campership Program that provides financial assistance to campers who attend Badger Camp; the grant will directly support 20 Illinois campers. Wisconsin Badger camp does not accept state or federal funding, the Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund has played an instrumental role in assisting the Campership Program. 
The Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund was founded in 1921. Currently, since the incorporation of the Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund this foundation has continued its philanthropic work on an ever increasingly large scale, both in funds available and in the continuation of numerous charitable and educational endeavors.
“A big thank you to the Patrick and Anna M Cudahy Fund for their continued support of our campers from Illinois,” Development Director Kayla Leibfried said. “Receiving funding for our out of state campers is always wonderful to see.”
Wisconsin Badger Camp is an independent nonprofit organization located approximately 10 miles south of Prairie du Chien and serves approximately 900 individuals with developmental disabilities each summer.  Badger Camp relies on the community’s time, talent, and financial assistance to provide for its campers.  If you or someone else you know would like more information on how to make a donation or for tour information please call Wisconsin Badger camp at (608) 348-9689 or visit our website at:   

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